Meromacho, Sexual Power 100% Natural


Power your life with:


100% Natural Energizer. Reconstituting Syrup – Stimulator – Activator – Enhancer.

Considered by natural medicine as one of the most precious medicines offered by nature, a life food, the only product on the market with homeopathic, antioxidant and medicinal components.


– Increases testosterone levels naturally.

– Rise the levels of energy.

– Strengthens the immune system.

– Enhances the sexual capacity of man.

– Improves sensitivity to the stimulus.

– Help prevent erectile dysfunction.

– Helper the proper functioning of the prostate. 



Take one or two glasses before the Physical Activity

(Labor – Sports – Sexual)

* NO contra-indications or side effects.

MEROMACHO  is a product with registered trademark of Fitoterapia laboratories Quito Ecuador.

100% Original – 100% Genuine.

550 ml bottle

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  • Quick erection
  • Delaying Ejaculation
  • Thicken and Lengthen
  • Deflate the Prostate
  • Sport
  • Work
  • Sex


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