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420 Health takes pride in delivering high quality premium CBD products that helps promote relaxation, and a healthy lifestyle! After countless research we have created products to help overall wellness of the mind and body.
Third-Party Lab Tested – Every single 420 Health product goes through rigorous testing by a trusted third-party testing facility to ensure that all products do not exceed the Federal Legal Limit of 0.3% THC allowing our products to be distributed and sold anywhere in the U.S.A. and surrounding territories.
Cultivated from 100% Organic Industrial Hemp –
Utilizing the benefits of industrialized Hemp allows us to provide clean premium quality CBD products
All Products Contains zero to 0.3% THC –
All of our products contain zero to 0.3% (Federal Legal Limit) or less of the psychoactive ingredient of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and allowing products to be sold in all 50 states.
100% Non-GMO Hemp –
All of our products and components are made without any genetically modified organisms and components. Hemp is sourced and grown on industrial cultivated hemp farms.
High Potency
All of our products are made with clean quality high potency CBD.
Third Party Lab Tested – All of our products have been tested by a trusted third-party testing facility. Test results for all of our products can be found on our Lab Reports in pictures.
Made in the USA –
Proudly derived, manufactured, and distributed in the USA


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