Bachelorette Party Ball Toss Game

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Do you love arcade games like Skee-Ball or Super Shot Basketball, but wish they were a little more phallic? We’re not really sure why – arcades are already some of the most gross-man-funk-filled places we’ve ever been – but hey, if that’s what you’re into, you’re in luck, and we’ve got just the game for you. And it doesn’t even need to be plugged into the wall!

The Bachelorette Party Ball Toss Game is the perfect new ball tossing game for the generation that grew up watching Christopher Nolan’s Inception. How so, you ask? Because in this game, you’re not just tossing balls… you’re tossing balls INTO balls. Woah. Mind blown. In this game, players take turns tossing colorful balls toward a cardboard stand-up of a dick, ideally from 5-10 feet away, depending on player skill. You can give each player a set number of tosses and award prizes at the end for whoever has the most points. The left ball is worth 25 points and the right ball is worth 50 points, because as everyone knows, the right ball is more important than the left ball. There’s a lesson the bride-to-be can take with her into her marriage, too.

Includes one cardboard stand-up with nets and five balls.

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Bachelorette Party Ball Toss Game


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