Durex Pleasuremax with Dots & Ribs


  • Condom with Relief of Spots and Stretch Marks.
  • Additional stimulation.
  • Maximize pleasure.
  • Natural rubber latex condoms.
  • Lubricated with Silicone Lubricant.
  • Smoother experience.
  • Transparent and Lubricated.
  • Durex condoms smell better.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Easy way to put on Easy placement.
  • With Deposit.
  • Elastic design.
  • Size: Nominal width 56mm.

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What features do Durex Give Me Pleasure condoms have?

Durex Give Me Pleasure are latex condoms with Tips and Relief Grooves to maximize your partner’s pleasure .

Durex Dame Pleasure are natural rubber latex condoms , transparent and lubricated . They have an Easy-On shape with a tank that makes it easy to place .

Durex condoms smell better.

Durex Dame Pleasure Condoms Nominal width: 56mm.

Durex Dame Pleasure condoms provide greater pleasure to the couple thanks to their tips and grooves . Ideal for greater stimulation . Additionally, they are lubricated with silicone lubricant that provides a smoother experience .

These condoms are Easy-On lubricated, transparent and anatomically shaped with a reservoir . In addition, Durex condoms now smell better to make your sexual relations with your partner a more pleasant moment.

Choose yours : We are all different, but the right condom should always make you feel comfortable and safe . Therefore, Durex has the ideal condom for you.

Each Durex condom is 100% electronically tested and has gone through 5 quality tests , providing users with the confidence to fully enjoy sex each and every time. In addition, they have been dermatologically tested .

  • Extra pleasure and stimulation: These condoms have dots and grooves for extra stimulation.
  • Lubricated condoms: With silicone lubrication for a smoother experience.
  • Thicker Condoms: Durex Dame Pleasure condoms are thick. Choose the right condom to feel comfortable and safe .
  • Standard perimeter: Nominal width 56mm, size suitable for most men thanks to its elastic design.
  • Easy-On: Easy-On soft latex condoms with anatomical shape and reservoir.

Benefits of using Durex Dame Pleasure Condoms

  • Embossed condom with dots and grooves for additional stimulation .
  • Maximize pleasure .
  • Natural rubber latex condoms.
  • Lubricated with silicone lubricant.
  • Smoother experience.
  • Transparent and Lubricated.
  • Easy placement made easy .
  • With Deposit .
  • Durex condoms smell better.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Size: Elastic design nominal width 56mm.

Instructions for use of Durex Give Me Pleasure Condoms

  1. Carefully open the packaging along the edge without using teeth or accessories such as scissors. This is very important to avoid inadvertently piercing the latex and causing unwanted accidents.
  2. Make sure the condom is in the correct position. Then, place it on the head of the penis .
  3. Carefully take the tip of the condom between your index finger and thumb, pressing on the pads of your fingers, making sure to leave a space between the penis and the tip of the condom for sperm . With your other hand , unroll the condom to the base of the penis.
  4. Throw the condom and wrapper in the trash.


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