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Whether you’re a bashful beginner or an erotic expert, CalExotics PPA With Jock Strap is your ticket to upgrading your pleasure tool. This erotic enhancer sleeve is enhances arousal, increases stamina and gives you jaw-dropping length enlargement with the life-like head and supportive jock strap.

Step up your pleasure and never settle for less when it comes to size, our 3 inch extend with supportive jock strap will have you and your lover craving more, more, more. Give your partner a knee-shaking experience of a lifetime with extended length and sensational girth increase.

Why Choose CalExotics?
Since 1994, CalExotics has been the world’s leading pleasure products manufacturer and is dedicated to being a consumer-friendly brand for men and women. We understand that to truly encourage sexual wellness, the intimate toy industry needs to create products that enhance pleasure in your everyday life and cultivate a happier and more satisfied you.

CalExotics has taken the very limited intimate toy options from the past and created a world of pleasure products for men, women and couples. By revolutionizing the way we see intimate products, CalExotics has been able to help everyone find confidence in their sexuality and promote sexual self-awareness. At CalExotics, we want you to expect more. Expect more passion, expect more romance and always expect more fun.

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  • Improve your assets with length and girth
  • Thick and durable hollow silicone probe for optimal support
  • Solid 3 “/3.5 inch extender head
  • Great base for a secure fit
  • Comfortable mens belt with thick and elastic waist and thigh straps


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