Screaming or ring O


Screaming O Ring or 18-piece display. Simple but effective ring or are the Screaming O response to comfortable non-vibrating cock rings. These soft stretchy Rings Slide easily in and improve erection and Staying Power. Rounded edges for a comfortable fit and maximum results. The O ring is a super-safe super-stretchy COCKRING designed to comfortably fit all sizes and stay comfortable during even the Wildest sexual encounter. The simple design keeps your erections rigid and strong and allowing blood flow more slowly to the member Heâ € ™ ll stay harder now and give it a powerful Orgasmic Release. Only the ring at the base of the penis and watch it grow is elastic for longer duration more Satisfactory sexual for both partners. This 18-piece box features an assortment of blue, Red and gray ring or foil-packed individually in an attractive and eye-catching Pop display. The slim case is easily adapted to the side of a log or at a counter for Impulse Buys. Color: Red, Blue, Gray Type: Cock Ring / counter display Count: 18 pieces Material: Silicone Weight: 6 ounces in box. The Screaming O.

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Super – Stretchy C – Ring


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