Super Fun Penis Candy Bouquet per each


Sexy Penis Bouquet we sell it per each

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This Penis Candy Bouquet will look great displayed in the middle of centerpieces or candy dishes at your Bachelorette Party. But the potential uses don’t stop there. You could replace all the flowers in vases in the house with these. You could give them out as party favors. You could have the bride throw one back to all the guests, as practice for the real bouquet on her wedding day.The Penis Candy Bouquet also works as a colorful addition to any present—just wrap the present and use the bouquet in place of bow. The multi-colored candy penises poke out from the ends of sticks and are wrapped just like a bouquet of flowers. The bachelorette or maid of honor will love the extra thought you put into her gift. Nothing shows how much you really care like a bouquet of colorful candy dicks.Each bouquet contains 6 pops – at this price, the bouquet is quite a bargain. It is a better deal than other penis lollipops we sell. Plus, because of the way it’s packaged, you’re guaranteed to get a variety of flavors, and all of the flavors are quite tasty. It’s as delicious as it is affordable and attractive—not to mention it won’t die on you in a couple days like other bouquets. Although you’ll probably eat it before it would get the chance!


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