Sweetheart Automatic Sex Machine Gun

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Material: duro plasts

Voltage: DC 12 volts – 24 volts

Thrust distance: 4 cm \ version 6 cm

Suction cup positioning: govern speed step less, Strong Power Flow

Dimensions: Overall length of 14.17 inches width 4.11 inches machine, adjustable Angle Space: 33.46 inch

Color: 1. Black snakeskin pattern with gold line, 2. Gold snakeskin pattern 3. Red snakeskin pattern 4. Light purple snakeskin pattern 5. Net Deep Purple Pattern 6. Black

Weight: Machine Plus Power Source 5.73 lbs, 6.61 lbs after package

Function: Through the machine in pumping and pushing function, using it on the sensitive part of men or women can regulate internal secretion, increase the quality of your sex life. The machine has buffer protection, adjust the speed according to your need, suggested to hold the machine bracket for the first time and feel the speed and power, when adjusted, the machine can slow down or stop automatically. Lubrication is recommended to apply on the dildo when using.

A brand new 2014 Sweetheart Sex Machine Gun masturbation machine. Automatic Thrust and Pumping Dildo Sex Machine. Just plug it into a standard outlet and the controls for Ultimate Pounding pleasure. You can easily adjust the angles and speeds to provide the perfect power position. Sweetheart is designed with precision and extreme attention to detail. This Premium Fucking Machine comes equipped with speeds of up to 450rpm of adjustable pumping so you can choose the thrust speed. Versatile and very easy to assemble, the angle can be adjusted for height, angle, stroke speed, and depth. This push nerve center also comes with a realistic 8 inch Dildo for deep penetration.

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Input AC: 100-240V
Voltage: DC 24V
Power Rate: 40W
Speed: 1-7.5 times/Sec.
Telescopic distance: 6cm
Adjust angle: 0-∠85
Material: Stainless steel,Nylon,PU,TPR
Color: Black
Weight: 2.6KG
Size: 36(L)*13(W)cm/14.2″*5.1″
What Contain:
1 x Machine
1 x Dildo
1 x Power Plug(EU or US stand)


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